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I have a wealth of experience in a wide-range of situations. Give me a call and let us discuss if I can be of service for your project. Chances are, I will be able to not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.

Call today! (917) 838-3986, or send an email.

I am also the exclusive New York Metropolitan Representative for which is a nationwide organization to provide great photography at a great price.  Visit the Dispatch Photo website to learn more.

myphotoman provides the following types of services:

  • Commercial Photography - an Art and a Science
  • Portrait
  • Special Events
  • Corporate publications
  • Editing
  • Product Photography
  • Vibrant black and white photography
  • Private sessions - New Service where private photo lessons are available covering technical aspects of digital cameras such as f-stop, shutter speed, lenses, ISO settings, depth of field, strobes, filters, white balance, .... as well as the composition of pictures, portrait photography, landscapes, night pictures, sports photography, dramatic effects, ...

I am always open to new challenges and ideas. If you don't see something on the list, call me to discuss the possibilities.

(917) 838-3986
Confidentiality guaranteed!

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